Keep an eye on that ‘blacks vs whites’ propaganda surge as blacks and whites fill the streets, demand change

Today, popular blogging sites like Medium, among other opinion blogs and columns, feature opinion pieces that make the claim “There is no such thing as a white ally”, and claim that white people only make everything worse when they try to help.

This of course comes during the largest multi-racial civil rights protests in US history, where pretty much *everyone* came out to show solidarity and fight this system as the system continually tries to claim it’s “just a few radical WHITE leftists and WHITE antifuhs” in order to 1) alienate blacks 2) alienate whites 3) fundamentally disempower the black struggle, and relegate it to a mere performative action by white people. Clever!

We can’t have unity of any kind, says the CIA. We have to insert that wedge. A little back-story on the CIA from Roy McGovern, nearly 30-year CIA analyst, leader of the Soviet Policy Branch, and advisor to presidents. He discusses Russiagate extensively here. McGovern famously published the quote from CIA director William Casey, where Casey said “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” in a meeting with Reagan. Something to keep in mind when thinking about media narratives in the US.

As is standard, the most popular propaganda is based on a kernel of truth, which in this case are the neoliberal centrist and conservative “white allies”, like Hillary Clinton, and other favorites like, lol, Kamala Harris, and of course Corey Booker, who want less to help black people, and more to help life go back to “normal” for themselves and for other people and donors in their class.

Oops! Did I mention Harris and Booker? My mistake. When talking about Useless, Pretend White Allies, who think they speak for black people when in fact they speak for the status quo, I can’t help but immediately think about the neoliberal democrats and their supporters, who do indeed believe they can speak on behalf of black people regardless what black people are saying. Something tells me the media has intentionally conflated neoliberal centrism with leftism, or indeed with “what white people think.”

YES! I think that’s it — what liberals say necessarily equates to what White People say, and the complicit elements in the media and opinion blog-o-sphere reflect this. Do white liberals represent the voices of all white people? Is that what we are being asked to contemplate? lol I *know* we can do better than this.

All ‘peace’ enjoyed by US citizens is not real, and has never been.

Every time tax-paying, voting, working-class Americans have enjoyed a period of “relative peace”, it has never been true, and was always selective.

When you ignore the plight of millions of people who are victims of our wars outside the country, and when you utilize the ready-made, imperialist, America First propaganda that tells you “they deserved it”, that’s how you feel “peace” as an entitled American.

When you ignore the systemic plight of Black and Brown people or blame it on them, when you ignore the largest per capita prison population on the planet, when you ignore the massive, obvious police brutality problem aimed disproportionately at Black and Brown people, and when you ignore how immigrant labor is abused, devalued, and controlled, that’s another way you feel “peace” as an entitled American.

And when you walk by the ballooning populations of indigents and people living without homes, when you also blame their plight on them and on their “decisions”, and when you support a political regime that treats these people worse than most other advanced nations on earth to save a couple bucks for the oligarchy, that is when you feel “peace” as an entitled, classist American.

The only time you can feel the sensation of “peace” as an American is when you turn off a large part of your critical thinking skills and put your head down, ignoring what is all around you, for the short-term escapism that you confuse with peace.

The US does not represent peace. We represent forever-war, classism, and abject exploitation of any weaker person, group, or nation. It is time for this all to change, and that time is NOW.

#GeneralAction now!

Virtual Breadlines, and other quintessentially American problems-

At least during the past, before the internet and online ordering, when the breadlines formed and basic supplies became limited you could *see* those breadlines forming, photograph them, and document them in this way.

Today, under late-stage capitalism and all it has wrought, the ‘breadlines’ are virtual since most people order online and enjoy, lol, “free shipping” because of a gargantuan monopoly that has occurred there, forcing other companies to also offer “free” or similar shipping.

Couple that with an intentionally mishandled viral pandemic, where people were ORDERED to stay inside (and not vote, or think about the economic looting), and the breadlines that formed for basic supplies stretched on in the thousands, but who saw them?

Nobody but the analytics department at your favorite online mega-brand retailer, and that analytics department would *never* damage the brand by admitting the huge queues, delays, and problems with online shipping that are occurring as we speak.

In America, the breadlines are virtual and nobody can see them, meanwhile we ceaselessly attack more social economies around the world as leading to “breadlines”, which of course happens there after the US and its allies have CAUSED them.

Can’t hide those righteous uprisings in the streets, though, nor can you hide the fact that most of the population supports them. #GeneralAction always, until #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and the abolishment of these militarized, occupying police forces on our streets! NO JUSTICE? NO PEACE!


Traitor! Tyrant! Abuser, thief, and human-rights violator! #GeneralAction is now! The world sees!


Donald Trump and the fascist goons he commands, who were ready for this for decades, are traitors to this country, even to its questionable founding, and must be opposed at all costs from now until they fall. Everyone should be able to see that now.

There is now history-making brutality in nearly every city, the fascists are attempting to rewrite laws and seize more power, and now they attempt to bring the military into deployments on American soil because the population has risen up and is showing the fascists that NONE OF THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Do you still think this was all about a virus?

Or do you see, now, how TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our money and resources have been STOLEN from us under the cover of the virus, transferred to the empires of a few thousand ultra-rich people, the military, and various ENFORCEMENT and “HOMELAND” organizations in EXCHANGE for your lack of financial stability, mobility, lack of healthcare, lack of education, and now your lack of basic life-saving pandemic response during an outbreak?

You were allowed to die during a pandemic. Say it with me. You were ALLOWED to die, and now you are being brutally repressed by the people who participate in the looting of your future, who thought ahead YEARS AGO and had the insight to…. militarize the police rather than create a bulletproof social safety net.

Get to the streets, friends, and don’t stop going to them. Shut down this economy in any and every way you can. Do NOT shop for anything but the essentials, do NOT go to work if you are able, seek mutual aid from networks of supporters if you cannot weather the economic storm, and FIND ALLIES AND HELPERS OUTSIDE OF YOUR NORMAL SOCIAL CIRCLES. We are out here, we are ready, and we won’t stand down until every fascist is in prison, exiled, or whatever strong response is required… to put this to an end for all time.

We already did a civil war against the ancestors of these people because they desired to enslave Africans who they kidnapped… and brought here to do their work for them. We are in a similar fight now, they still want the workers to do their work for them, and you can see the writing on the wall.


Second Amendment?

Lets see how fast the fascist oligarchy currently in power tries to restrict your right to own a gun once you decide to pick one up and march, demonstrating your power, like they have restricted your right to movement, protest, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and democracy itself.

Do any of the Second Amendment gunslingers have anything to say about the current, obvious, open state tyranny against the people? No? All the “tyrants” you gunslingers know about have purple hair, play video games, and post leftist comments on Twitter in their spare time? *They* are the tyrants your founding fathers, lol, warned you about — NOT the rich oligarch that is bringing other rich oligarchs into the Whitehouse, plundering us, entering us into more and more wars, etc? No?

The kids who want a better future, healthcare, education, is the invasion you need a well armed militia for? These people are the fascists, and YOU are the patriots?

Repost of “Police are America’s largest organized criminal enterprise megathread.”

Full thread, with citations and links to evidence of the basic assertion.

I knew I picked a good time to abandon Facebook

As MUCH of Facebook’s success is built on hosting the wildest fantasies of online propagandists, fascist governments and their intelligence services, religious extremists, theocracies, and censorship-heavy regimes, as well as what launched them in the first place — the domestic right-wing clickbait and propaganda ads that helped elect Donald Trump, which we blame on other countries — it is very rational that Mark Zuckerberg would OPPOSE other social networks as they attempt to be more honest, or keep their users honest.

Facebook is an empire built on dishonesty, psychological manipulation, and shady business dealings with any and all entities they can legally shoe-horn into their business model without being outright sued. Since FB is primarily responsible for boosting Donald Trump and recently fascist governments all around the world, along with the chaos and unrest created by economic dysfunction, those fascists will support FB, and FB will support those fascists.

Zuck and Trump – a marriage made in sociopath hell.

A repost of an Intercept article which supports the views in my last post–

Between March 23 and April 30, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed nearly 6,000 points, a jump of nearly 31 percent, creating over $7 trillion in capital wealth. The April gains were the biggest in one month since 1987.

The same month, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs.

So the capitalist oligarchy is stealing your future, intentionally letting you die. What now?

It becomes increasingly clear that the capitalist oligarchy which influences and controls the US economy, politics, media, labor and production, military, all our mainstream, popular ideologies and narratives, etc, is brazenly looting our economy, and indeed our (the workers who make it all possible) future. We can’t even begin to measure the damage caused by all this, and the picture economists are painting is not a pretty one.

Over 12 trillion dollars, and counting(I might be low on that number by now), has been looted under the cover of an intentionally mishandled viral outbreak that isn’t affecting most of the rest of the world in the way it seems to be affecting us. What will we do, now?

Every time the capitalists have taken something major from us under the cover of war or “terrorism”, and encroached again and again into our privacy, freedoms, mobility, opportunity, constitutional rights, etc, we have totally failed to restrict them or beat them back in any way, making them pay for what they have done. They have had no checks and balances on their power for many decades now and have taken us into numerous non-defensive wars under totally false pretenses, among a myriad of other domestic and international quagmires and bottomless pits of dysfunction, poor accounting, open corruption, human rights abuses, and violations of international convention.

Every time they do this, and every time we fail to beat them back and make them feel pain for what they’ve done, obviously they become bolder and less concerned with consequences for their actions. If they are allowed to walk away with these trillions of our dollars, which is a kind of Socialism for the Rich and Rugged Individualism for the rest of us, how bold and brazen do you think they will be next time? We now live in post-9/11, Iraq I & II & Afghanistan wars, Patriot Act world  — which we did nothing meaningful about, and so this next “war economy” is much worse and far more abrupt.

Meanwhile the Bushes and the Clintons and the Obamas jet around the world, hanging out, taking cool photos together while on vacation. They did nothing wrong! Right? Just a few American Heroes, enjoying life together.

What happens if, today, you let the US oligarchy take your money to bail themselves out from the problems they caused – again – this time under the cover of an intentionally mishandled viral outbreak? The deaths caused in this country by covid19 could have been avoided, as evidenced by many, many other countries who have exponentially less deaths than the US and its closest allies, and so it is rational to accuse the US government of INTENTIONALLY letting people die by mismanaging the response, failing to unlock emergency supplies, PPE, etc. What happens if you let them explain this away as just a “really bad virus”?

It is time to recognize — it isn’t the virus victimizing killing us en masse. If the entire capitalist ecosystem of emergency systems, hospital networks, central response systems, etc were functioning like other normal countries, this might have just looked like any other seasonal pandemic. #GeneralAction #GeneralStrike is the only rational answer I can think of.

SHUT. THIS. DOWN.  DO NOT pass this on to your children!

This Memorial day, remember our non-defensive, highly profitable wars, and remember the definition of ‘hero’.

These wars are not to defend the peace of our nation, or the peace of our ally nations, but to destroy the peace and bring terror and destruction to far weaker, technologically inferior, sovereign nations who’ve chosen their own path, their own economies, currencies, and their own posture against the United States. Economic independence from the US and its imperialism was their ‘incitement’ to war with us.

You will NOT force me to ‘memorialize’ the invader armies, the plundering armies, the soft and hard power-projecting armies of the US oligarchy and its NINE HUNDRED forward military bases all around the world. No.

Memorialize the victims of capitalism today, which we participate in while buying products and paying taxes, of which there are *TENS OF MILLIONS* around the world, in primary, secondary, and tertiary situations caused by US imperialism, including outright invasions, open coup attempts, support for terrorists & “opposition’ groups who create chaos the US gets to “solve”, including neonazis and Islamic fundamentalists, and the deliberate positioning of heavy US military assets and vehicles in tactical positions around nations we claim invade *OUR* sovereign spaces.

Memorialize the victims of capitalism today! Stop memorializing the aggressor, and the true terror-state of this world!