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Capitalism’s inevitable, unavoidable comorbidities are fascism & propaganda, oligarchy & hegemony, designed inequality & classism, environmental devastation and ecosystem-failure, and endless world wars.

“BotSentinel dotcom”, which is another online tool in the toolbox of the fascists, is like bringing 3rd party, Nextdoor-style moderation to Twitter. Sounds good?

You may or may not have heard about the latest easily-abused tool in “online spam / hate speech”, BotSentinel dotcom, but if you have encountered the site you likely know that its primary stated purpose (it’s in the name, duh) is to stop the bots. You know, the bots — the accounts who say things you disagree with politically & ideologically, making you want to silence them and have their accounts taken away. “Bots.” (for context: you called them “trolls” and “Russian agents”, before, but that humanized them too much so now we do “Bots”, ok.)

If you peruse the BotSentinel front page, you find a dashboard with various information including a scrolling display of recently analyzed accounts and links to app versions of their site, and in the upper-right corner you will see the mysterious, vaguely threatening statement “More than just bots…”

The 4 categories on the the BS front page contain labels to describe the kinds of accounts who fall into each, such as “normal”, “satisfactory”, “disruptive”, and “problematic”. Each of those categories contains numbers which show how many of each kind of account has been acted upon, such as “100,000 deactivated / suspended” or “100 added”.

Oddly, and instantly counter to the goals for the site – stopping bots with problematic behaviors – you will notice that BotSentinel’s own data shows the majority of accounts that have been targeted and then subsequently suspended or deactivated… do not even fall into their “disruptive” or “problematic” categories. If you count them, you find that “normal” and “satisfactory” accounts…. add up to a total of about 190,000 deactivations & suspensions, and that “disruptive” and “problematic” accounts total about 160,000, with claims of anywhere from 150 to 800 new accounts added *per day*.

According to numerous Twitter users whom I have discussed this with today and yesterday, it appears that, as usual, folks on the left or remotely on the left are being targeted with this tool. The site even offers to set you up with “auto block”, so their list of potentially falsely reported accounts can be automatically blocked so you don’t ever have to see them.

Does the page also block right-wing accounts? Yes it does, which is how the makers of the site can make the ‘fair and balanced’ claim, meanwhile white supremacist grifters and truly hateful people are equated with, and tossed into the same censorship bucket as, indigenous activists, atheists, feminists, trans and LGBTQ folk, autistic folks, of course socialists and critics of the US, pro-Palestine accounts, and really anyone who dares the ire of the gleeful, authoritarian censorship fans who frequent the page.

As a leftist, always make sure you have a few backup accounts. Don’t fall victim to online mob-censorship and lose your voice. Keep it ever-present, and loud!

Your religion is nothing more than an overgrown cult with political power

Every major religion started out as a cult, and during its early years would have gone through conflict with established traditional spirituality and superstition. The people of the day would have started out by calling every new religion “a false religion/evil cult” until they had no choice…

Over time some cults gained large numbers of followers and became powerful, which of course made them useful to kings, emperors, and all manner of frauds and unelected totalitarian rulers of the day. King James was one of those powerful rulers, who saw the value in adapting the Christian book of mythology – “The Bible” – into one which served his regime’s goals more than the original texts, which had already been translated and interpreted by numerous societies by then.

Your religion is nothing more than a cult that became useful for the rich, who demanded that cult become the official cult of the time and place. All Abrahamic religions are precisely this — cults that became powerful enough to take political power and label other cults “cults”.

Nextdoor dotcom – real-estate value manipulation, fake local politics, scammers, racism, stalking/harassing of unhoused, slander, Parler gateway, etc

I don’t plan to spend a whole lot more time or space discussing the stalker/vigilante/fascist neighborhood surveillance network ‘Nextdoor’, but thought I would post something of a summary analysis about what I’ve learned and what I feel others should be aware of about this drama and chaos-filled “social” network, which has already been associated with racial profiling, neighborhood conflict, and violence.

This will be a summary of issues I have personally seen on Nextdoor between at least 2 cities, and I will include links to articles with examples and commentary that support my own analysis and experience. Do you have similar experiences on Nextdoor or other vigilante apps?

Nextdoor enables racially motivated vigilantism, provides a platform for organized, 1900’s-style misrepresentation of Blacks and lynching of targets defined by neighborhood mobs. The network has already taken criticism for this. Just before the Jan 6 attempted insurrection, users posted “AntiFa and BLM are coming to our neighborhoods!”

Black Lives Matter meets a resounding “All Lives Matter” on Nextdoor, and BLM is widely condemned by network moderators and users. Posts in support of BLM were/are removed. Nextdoor itself offered a PR statement claiming they support BLM and oppose racism, but this led to a large, angry *backlash* from Nextdoor moderators, who resoundingly DO NOT support BLM.

Moderators, known as ‘Neighborhood Leads’, become moderators simply by being the first users to create a ‘neighborhood group’ and can control that neighborhood the way they please with little to no company oversight. Mind you, these Neighborhood Leads are *unpaid moderators* who do this because…. they enjoy it, or they benefit from it personally or financially somehow. ND has had to change its policies and roll out a new tool…. to *stop users* from racially profiling blacks, hispanics, and other dark-skinned folks. If you are on the network today, you can see that their changes have had no effect on the problem whatsoever, and have just pushed the fascists to include more additional details about black people when stalking them for no reason.

Nextdoor feeds the pre-primed, over-paranoid Fox News crowd, and is slowly becoming a replacement for “Local News” where the news focuses heavily on violence, gang activity, unhoused people, or “unusual” events-

Local news, which has shifted toward violence, murder, and criminality in the last 50 years despite crime overall dropping in that same time period, is slowly being replaced by Nextdoor in terms of the role they play in stirring up paranoid, typically 55 and older, white, Judeo-Christian Americans.

As neighborhoods become more paranoid, certain individuals become more stigmatized, users of ND begin to call the police more often, even in neighborhoods with low crime. If you speak against this propaganda-driven hysteria, these folks will pivot from attacking a stranger to attacking *you*, claiming that you might also be suspicious, you might be related to the criminal they are talking about, etc.

Nextdoor claims to have a “no politics or racism” rule, but moderators and established users promote right-wing, ‘Q-Anon’ Trumpist politics and gang up on users who post other politics. ND waited until after the Jan 6 insurrection attempt to classify ‘Q-anon’ as a hate group and rampant racism, bigotry, and right-wing ideology still exist-

On Nextdoor, it is extremely common to find right-wing, conservative talking points and politics, including proselytization and religious commentary, promotion of right-wing politicians, etc, but if you advocate anything even remotely left-leaning(they would call you a “liberal”), if you offer humane, science and evidence-based solutions for handling unhoused or mentally ill folks, or if you offer solutions that don’t involve using police actions, you are engaging in “un-neighborly behavior” and can be censored or blocked arbitrarily by a mob of your neighbors.

This experience on Nextdoor is not rare nor unique, and my own experience is strikingly similar to many of the negative posts, articles, and comments you can find anywhere about the company. A brief Google search for “Nextdoor violence” or “vigilantism” should provide dozens of examples.

This man decided to sue Nextdoor because ND has begun working with law enforcement and local government at an official level, yet allowed his account to be blocked and his voice to be removed from local politics via bullying. He argues that the “public square” is online, and that his ability to speak and engage in that public space have been restricted. I tend to agree with his point of view.

“Our entire country—and California, and the Bay Area specifically—we’re at a 40-year historic low for violent crime … and yet people are walking around like we’re living in the most violent place in the world,” Hofer told CityLab. “These vendors are doing a really great job of creating a sense of fear.”

Commercial interests promote security and surveillance systems (Ring, Sentinel, etc) on Nextdoor, users share and compare their doorbell and home surveillance videos to try to “ID” random people they see in their towns, enhancing the sense of fear and danger, and the identities of the “suspects” reported on ND are typically unknown, leading to vague, unqualified associations made between known and unknown people.

Realtors and house-flippers also run amok on ND, showing up under many city government communications to attack officials as “not tough enough on crime” or “spending too much money/we need more BUSINESS FRIENDLY leaders”, etc, in order to create political momentum toward more right-wing officials, more cops, less humanism.

Nextdoor, and apps like it (Citizen, Neighbor, etc) are a relatively new, tech-driven phenomenon, and have surged into greater popularity during the covid19 lockdowns. In every neighborhood where ND creates a local group, paranoia, fighting, and frivolous police reports go through the roof, and this is something everyone in every community should be aware of. These networks, as they stand today, are tools of fascists, grifters, and frauds, they enable and platform the worst people among us, and they *will* lead to greater violence and disharmony in America.


Do you really believe UFO sightings experienced a legitimate uptick during the fascist Trump administration, and now?

So the state has spent an unusual amount of time over the last 4 years revealing “sensational” mysteries, such as UFOs at Area51, UFO sightings by the Air Force, gravity manipulation tech, etc, and what has been the conclusion of each press release? What came of these bizarre statements made to the media?

Nothing. There is nothing at Area51, and there has been no real or confirmed sighting of any UFO, and yet certain media outlets continue to receive ‘tips’ from certain government officials – usually military – about more and more UFO sightings.

Americans: it’s time to be smarter than this. Long past time. When this state wants to distract you, what are some of the ways it distracts you? Why does the state distract you? Anything to do with Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, Iran, China, half of South America, the US economy, our growing social unrest and ongoing repression of protests by militarized goons, the massive worsening of inequality and all things related from coast to coast — while we’ve all been looted in the *trillions* by a fascist, capitalist oligarchy?

Heh. MaYbe tHe uFOs aRe REAL THIS TIME!!

Predictably, just like the last 5 times, fascists mobbed up and falsely reported my Nextdoor comments, locking my account.

This will, of course, satisfy the people who made the false reports, but it will also satisfy me as I explain how easy it is to ignore the temporary ban.

As expected, just after the last post I made about insane people labeling random black people “human traffickers” without any evidence, the same nasty right-wing ideologues falsely reported my comments, which were all clean, advocating sanity, reason, humanism, and caution… in reporting random people in their neighborhoods as “human traffickers”, and now my Nextdoor account is locked for a few more days, lol. This has happened 5 times before, and will likely happen 5 more times before I am done monitoring my despicable right-wing Trumpist neighbors, who congregate and fester there.

On Nextdoor, if I openly call them Trumpists or acknowledge that their “save the children/trafficking” bullshit is Q-anon/Trump fascism, they will immediately call my comments “political” and have me blocked, once more, for “political comments.” Meanwhile Trumpists and Christians constantly speak and post about Trump politics and anti-science nonsense, proselytize in front of everyone, etc, but that isn’t “political”, I’m guessing.

The Luddite goofballs on Nextdoor, who can’t hang on any other social network because those networks don’t allow them to mob up and harass people with as much impunity as ND, caused my account to be locked for “non-neighborly behavior”, once again, which is literally defined by the network as anything they don’t want to see. All that is needed on Nextdoor to censor someone is a few like-minded people who also report their comment, which of course is easy to do on a network populated mainly by paranoid right-wing types and real estate agents. You are either with them, or against!

Motherfuckers, I ain’t your ‘neighbor’. I live near you, but I am an ideological and political adversary, and I feel *nothing* like neighborly toward you as I watch you try to build right-wing fascism in my Bay Area, hurt vulnerable people, participate in house-flipping and try to use the cops against Black people in organized groups via this network.

Nextdoor is literally the online, social media equivalent of Small Town, 1950s America, where blacks, minorities, outsiders, “weirdos”, and people they don’t take kindly to are ostracized, bullied, slandered, attacked, and digitally lynched, leading to them abandoning the garbage network or being pushed out. This of course further homogenizes the people who do fit in there and remain, and reinforces separatist, racist, delusional clots of people who see criminals under every bush. And here we are!

By the way, I hope some of my new fans come by this blog again in the great numbers like they did today, because that was more traffic than I’ve seen in months! I’ll see you on Nextdoor again in a few days, friends, and you can once more gather together, clutch your pearls, fabricate mean things I’ve said to you, and whine at each other again until my account is locked for a few more days. Such is life.

Nextdoor dotcom — a stalking, vigilantism, paranoid-delusional paradise.

I haven’t updated this blog in a bit because I am busy with life, but I decided today would be the day!

Today, some creepy right-wing types on the paranoid-delusional, security-system shilling, Boomer-triggering network Nextdoor, which encourages dangerous vigilantism and mob behavior in my neighborhood, decided to post a link to this very blog, and to gang up together to cry “COMMUNISM” in a very quaint, 1950s-esque way. So I decided to gift them with a post of the likes that they would flag as “non-neighborly behavior” on the cesspool Nextdoor, because I am indeed feeling quite non-neighborly toward them at this point and I would like to share.

For those who don’t know, Nextdoor is one of a small number of new, hyper-localized vigilante apps that sell themselves as “neighborhood watch” or “buy/trade/sell” apps. The app “Citizen” was previously named “Vigilante”, but they were sued because, duh, encouraging vigilantism is bad!

The primary purpose of these networks, if you pay attention to all the promoted and sponsored content as well as the bulk of the user comments and posts, is to sell security systems, services, guns, and related products to people who respond well to the Fox News-esque deluge of racially charged “reports of suspicious behavior” that populate the network every single day. The secondary purpose, as far as I can tell, is to allow people who live in homes to target and harass those living without homes so the neighborhood property values can rise on behalf of landlords, flippers, etc.

Previously Nextdoor had a form you could fill out to “report” people, and the form had “race” featured prominently. This form caused racial targeting of — you guessed it — primarily African Americans, and Nextdoor began to get lots of bad press about this, so they changed the form and prohibited reports based only on race.

Today someone photographed a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV that was driving near the neighborhood park, and this is what motivated me to make this post. The vehicle was driven by an African American female wearing dark glasses, according to the report, and the vehicle “slowed down near the park.” (this is verbatim, their report)

And before I go further, one must keep in mind — our neighborhood is the target of many real-estate investors, house flippers, and potential buyers and renters right now. They are all over the Nextdoor pages offering services, discussing their business, etc. People are constantly coming through, looking for homes. Our neighborhood is one of many neighborhoods receiving thousands of greater Bay Area residents, who were pushed out due to a rental and housing crisis.

So the report about this vehicle, which is not unique at all and happens on this network daily, claimed that there was something suspicious about the Black lady driving by the park, but did not provide any specific reason WHY this behavior was suspicious. The very first reply to the report was “I bet this was human trafficking”, and away the threads went.

The next comment? “Yeah this looks suspicious. Get the license plate and send it in to MPD(local PD).” Next comment, “yeah if she was looking at the kids, this was probably human trafficking.”

Based on NO evidence, the people on Nextdoor — in *my* Bay Area neighborhood, 50 miles east of Berkeley — decided that an African American female driving a pretty nice Mercedes must be a human trafficker, and one user suggested “maybe she’s stealing packages.” This report is not unique. There are other reports like this from today, and yesterday, and last week, and the month before, and they all read the same. The replies are the same. Everyone they don’t recognize, or who acts in a way they deem suspicious (driving slowly, looking at houses, looking at parks, asking for directions, taking pictures, etc) need to be “ID’ed”, according to the regulars on these networks, and everyone needs to “be aware of the rising danger in our neighborhood.”

And it is the same in *every single* Nextdoor local neighborhood. The network is broken up into “neighborhood groups”, and a “neighborhood manager” is selected from the group. Each neighborhood manager, along with like-minded neighbors, mob up and decide what is “neighborly behavior” on the network. Mind you, this doesn’t just mean personal attacks or nasty comments. This means *anything* these people decide is not “neighborly”.

In summary, Nextdoor dotcom is an increasingly dangerous, caustic, unethical system whereby like-minded neighbors can use mobile devices and technology to organize and act AGAINST the unhoused, “unknown” people, minorities, and anyone they deem “suspicious”, like we all live in little homogenized, Caucasian, Christian 1950s neighborhoods. Word of advice to the Nextdoor people:


Gamestop? Yes, lets increase a stealthy military recruiter’s stock prices to own the short sellers.

Let me see if I understand this.

A mob of Reddit users from a sub-Reddit known for alt-right membership, Trumpism, video games, and… investment strategies, decided to make Short Sellers hurt by INCREASING the value of their held stocks through small dollar investments made en masse via social media. Gamestop is the video games retailer with online job postings like these. Parents — you might want to read those job postings.

The result of this rush of small $ investments is the fund holding Gamestop (and others) stock is becoming unstable and may collapse because they were betting on the stocks *going down*, not up. When a hedge fund collapses, they lose the portfolio that was within that fund and another larger investor can gobble up the remains on the cheap, good and bad. Any small $ investors who bought stock during the rush would need to sell quickly or risk losing what they spent. Many have willingly lost money as they believe they are “owning the bad guys on Wall St.”

The end result? GME (Gamestop) stock prices will fall back down to where they were because the money wasn’t reinvested in Gamestop and they aren’t profitable, but the $13 billion dollar hedge fund that held the majority of their stock will probably go bankrupt and close due to short-term payouts to Reddit investors. Now, a large firm (right now investors are saying BlackRock) can come along and buy up the remains of that portfolio, and millions of small $ investors are out their principal investments and any transaction fees paid.

On top of the above, the media are beginning to report on connections between Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and a handful of others, who are associated with these activities (using memes and social media power to achieve political and private goals) and are currently on social media *cheering on* what is happening as a “populist uprising.”

Something stinks with the “populist uprising” that invests, believes it is the same as the Occupy Wall St movement, and has nebulous connections to right-wing capitalist grifters. Stop and think, friends.

The best thing to come out of this is of course education. Many people now see how corrupt and easily exploited the stock market can be, as well as how un-free free-market capitalism can become when you try to game it as it games you.

Fascism in America is kindergarten, adult-child fascism

Gamers are all masochists, now?

Many game franchises today, typically after receiving comments and pressure from the hardXcore community, feel like they must update their games post-release to include “extra extra intense nightmare difficulty levels – permanent deathhhhhh” because modern gamers, living through pandemics, economic collapse and subsequent looting covered up by pandemics, late-stage capitalism, and open fascism, don’t get enough stress outside the home.