Why women should plow fields in the nude

This is not a new story, but still something I felt needed to be shared. This Reuters article briefly describes a most regrettable religious tradition carried out by farmers in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE56M3G020090723 Allow me to provide helpful commentary and suggestions! As regions of California experience heavy drought over the years,Continue reading “Why women should plow fields in the nude”

Our brains on stuff

Im thinking there is some common denominator in the heads of people who are religious, conspiracy theorists, alien abductees, birthers, etc, you get the picture. There is something there… something that they become addicted to or fixated upon that keeps the blinders on with vigor. What is it? Im guessing its chemicals secreted by ourContinue reading “Our brains on stuff”

Atheist rantings pt.1 – my feelings on the holidays and how I came to be an atheist

I would like to write on something that Ive been mulling this holiday season, and for many seasons before it. The main topic is, naturally, my trouble with the holiday season. Secondarily, I describe how I became an atheist. This is less confrontational than much of what I write on atheism, but we have plentyContinue reading “Atheist rantings pt.1 – my feelings on the holidays and how I came to be an atheist”