No, #generalaction isn’t a neoliberal campaign strategy, nor were Marches for Causes

And other absurdities, intentionally failure-oriented activism strategies, silly commentary, yadda yadda. Today, the intrepid Record Correcting Blue Wave accounts that we’ve all been promised began raging across the social sphere, right on someone’s mark. Today was probably the start of their pay cycle and hourly or per-word billing requirements. So far, I’ve been told –Continue reading “No, #generalaction isn’t a neoliberal campaign strategy, nor were Marches for Causes”

Apps are not Real, Personal Computing is Dead for Most of You.

Don’t let anyone try to convince you ‘apps’ are real. Are you ready to give up the “personal” in your personal computing environment? You may have already. What is an app? It is a collection of program files, potentially some dlls, file systems, and data files, among other things, and they are designed to runContinue reading “Apps are not Real, Personal Computing is Dead for Most of You.”

Scheduled Obsolescence? Feature or Bug?

When the capitalists have their way at the late-stage marketplace and their business plans come to fruition, it looks very much like online multiplayer gaming, if you were to compare aspects of material and immaterial(real-world and virtual) capitalist production systems and their exploitative economics, durability, lifespan, etc. For example, everyone’s favorite cellphone game, Pokemon Go,Continue reading “Scheduled Obsolescence? Feature or Bug?”

Civil war? Naa, not in this America

There won’t be a civil war 2.0 in this country because the neoliberals and neoconservatives will wind up solving their minor differences, discovering their true synergies and overlapping economic and ideological goals, and they will wind up hugging it out and uniting against all that is good and wholesome in the world.

Switching social media gears

So much has happened to everything since last I updated this, and there are so many terrible, terrifying things going on inside Facebook, that I am removing myself from that network for good and beginning a new kind of online presence that I hope will be more on my own terms, and healthier. Right now, IContinue reading “Switching social media gears”