Predictably, just like the last 5 times, fascists mobbed up and falsely reported my Nextdoor comments, locking my account.

This will, of course, satisfy the people who made the false reports, but it will also satisfy me as I explain how easy it is to ignore the temporary ban.

As expected, just after the last post I made about insane people labeling random black people “human traffickers” without any evidence, the same nasty right-wing ideologues falsely reported my comments, which were all clean, advocating sanity, reason, humanism, and caution… in reporting random people in their neighborhoods as “human traffickers”, and now my Nextdoor account is locked for a few more days, lol. This has happened 5 times before, and will likely happen 5 more times before I am done monitoring my despicable right-wing Trumpist neighbors, who congregate and fester there.

On Nextdoor, if I openly call them Trumpists or acknowledge that their “save the children/trafficking” bullshit is Q-anon/Trump fascism, they will immediately call my comments “political” and have me blocked, once more, for “political comments.” Meanwhile Trumpists and Christians constantly speak and post about Trump politics and anti-science nonsense, proselytize in front of everyone, etc, but that isn’t “political”, I’m guessing.

The Luddite goofballs on Nextdoor, who can’t hang on any other social network because those networks don’t allow them to mob up and harass people with as much impunity as ND, caused my account to be locked for “non-neighborly behavior”, once again, which is literally defined by the network as anything they don’t want to see. All that is needed on Nextdoor to censor someone is a few like-minded people who also report their comment, which of course is easy to do on a network populated mainly by paranoid right-wing types and real estate agents. You are either with them, or against!

Motherfuckers, I ain’t your ‘neighbor’. I live near you, but I am an ideological and political adversary, and I feel *nothing* like neighborly toward you as I watch you try to build right-wing fascism in my Bay Area, hurt vulnerable people, participate in house-flipping and try to use the cops against Black people in organized groups via this network.

Nextdoor is literally the online, social media equivalent of Small Town, 1950s America, where blacks, minorities, outsiders, “weirdos”, and people they don’t take kindly to are ostracized, bullied, slandered, attacked, and digitally lynched, leading to them abandoning the garbage network or being pushed out. This of course further homogenizes the people who do fit in there and remain, and reinforces separatist, racist, delusional clots of people who see criminals under every bush. And here we are!

By the way, I hope some of my new fans come by this blog again in the great numbers like they did today, because that was more traffic than I’ve seen in months! I’ll see you on Nextdoor again in a few days, friends, and you can once more gather together, clutch your pearls, fabricate mean things I’ve said to you, and whine at each other again until my account is locked for a few more days. Such is life.

Published by milkman76

Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

3 thoughts on “Predictably, just like the last 5 times, fascists mobbed up and falsely reported my Nextdoor comments, locking my account.

    1. Hey — we appreciate that! The song is hilarious and appropriate, and it’s deeply troubling that people in so many cities have to deal with the nextdoor crowd like this. It’s like the worst places on facebook all consolidated into one poorly performing (it’s so glitchy and always slow) group where you can be targeted and censored for just sharing your adversarial position on a city council vote. It’s shocking that anyone would build and operate a network that allows and openly encourages censorship at a personal, arbitrary level like this. It’s clear the sort of person it’s designed for. : /

      Hope all is well back in Alameda, and that the bastards aren’t keeping you guys down. Hope you and yours are hanging in there! Our new home city is no different than Alameda, in that regard, and we immediately engaged in political fights and in-car protests against the school district. No rest for a leftist family, and that’s ok. Our work is cut out for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Hope you guys are making good progress on getting everyone vaccinated and safe!

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