No, #generalaction isn’t a neoliberal campaign strategy, nor were Marches for Causes

And other absurdities, intentionally failure-oriented activism strategies, silly commentary, yadda yadda.

Today, the intrepid Record Correcting Blue Wave accounts that we’ve all been promised began raging across the social sphere, right on someone’s mark. Today was probably the start of their pay cycle and hourly or per-word billing requirements.

So far, I’ve been told – shouted at – that the DNC had nothing to do with removing all other candidates from the NY primary and handing it to Biden, despite most mainstream outlets covering precisely that story.

I’ve been screamed at about the fakeness of Tara Reide’s story from the same people who agreed Al Franken should give up without a fight against basic inappropriate touching/commenting allegations. Official charges have been filed against Biden. None were suitable against Franken, whose career is over.

And now? Now I’ve been told that #generalaction is to get rid of Trump and get Biden or Clinton into the Whitehouse. Not to make life better for the majority of the people living in and under poverty in the US, who’ve been here all along. Not to demand socialized Healthcare like the rest of the advanced world. Not to demand an end to endless non-defensive wars or nasty crime & punishment policies that disproportionately affect African Americans and minorities, no. Nothing like that. This is just another March for a Cause to these folks, isn’t it.

These neoliberals appear to want to appropriate ALL class struggle and symbols of class struggle as their own, similar to how they appropriate the property in poor communities, displace the poor, appropriate their aesthetics, and then art-wash themselves and the walls of their ill-gotten new homes into feeling OK with it all. And they appropriate this major class activity — the idea of not taking it anymore and striking generally together as a group of oppressed workers — on behalf of the current racist, demented, old white guy who wants to “keep things exactly the way they are now”. The same guy who has failed to qualify for numerous other presidential bids because of controversy and bad politics, and is about to answer to rape charges!

Strange days, friends. Do you see the sudden surge in Blue Wave accounts and their “Biden is a sure thing” point of view? Don’t allow yourself to be brow-beaten into supporting this… terrible human being, and conservative Republican in Democrat’s clothes. #generalaction is for all of us, not just the sheltered neoliberal class and their just-deep-enough pockets.

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Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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