Happy False Revolutionary War Day, Murderous Americans! Time to celebrate who and what you are!

Happy flag-pole noise day, patriots! Rah rah!

This is your day to demonstrate uncritical fealty to the blood-sucking parasites who’ve pitted us all – workers everywhere – against one another for hundreds of years as they maintain and reinforce the perpetual poverty and suffering you blame on black people, ‘outsiders’ and freaks, and/or some ridiculousness you saw on Fox/Breitbart/YouTube, etc.

You should brazenly detonate the loudest quasi-legal explosive devices you can get your hands on for your PTSD-suffering neighbor and their cowering animals, set some houses on fire by way of drunks and alpha-men managing your aerial displays, and generally make obnoxiously loud noises that sound like bombs and bullets in the faces of ANY and ALL in your neighborhood because, lets face it — this really is an appropriate way to celebrate what and who we are!

WAR SOUNDS, IN YOUR FACE! Don’t like it? Here’s 10 more! AMERICAAAAAA

From the very start of this merchant-capitalist colony gone awry, a controlled narrative has been in play that glosses over this nation’s inhumane acts and embellishes and highlights any acts that can be portrayed as good. This is the essence of the America First narrative and its coerced and censored public school history texts, its popular media and Hollywood portrayal, its civilian and governmental army of patriotism-evangelists and Evangelist patriots – who WILL NOT take no for an answer – and the like.

Speaking of narrative control, do you think the first war was a noble and good war? What sort of revolution was at the heart of the Revolutionary war, friends?

Since we are presumably celebrating the independence of this great nation from monarchy, which was a system that featured a church/state merger and a peasant class of worker who were perpetually poor so that the monarch, their family, and the aristocracy could live off their backs, lets talk about why our first war was fought, who fought it, and what they thought about it all at the time.

A few paragraphs to hopefully summarize– the goal of this independence was to allow the wealthy merchant-capitalist aristocracy, who did not wish to pay taxes to nor be controlled by the crown or the church, to separate from that arrangement and control their destiny, including trade partners. The wealthiest of the early American colonists whipped up a sense of patriotism in the poorer colonists by way of promises of happiness and prosperity, religious freedom, etc, but the prosperity would always favor a certain class of American at the expense of everyone else, and the contrived patriotism seen in colonists early-on evaporated as war with the British loomed.

There were large numbers of colonist workers, many who were simple farmers or tradespersons throughout early America, who did not care enough to desire a war with the British, and did not want to fight. Additionally the war was, as always, a war fought by the poor, prisoners, slaves, immigrants, and the lower ‘classes’. Wealthy families literally paid poor people to serve for them, or forced them through other arrangements. Many enslaved Africans fought, and not only on the side of the Americans. Some colonists even had their weapons seized by Washington, who claimed he would not return them unless those colonists agreed to fight the British.

The truth of that first war was, like the truth of every single of our wars, engagements, ‘peacekeeping missions’, or whatever we called it at the time, which is that the poor fought for the goals and aspirations of the rich, who allowed them to die for the economic order that the rich would now control.

We continue to live, work our days away, and die in non-defensive wars for causes that the vast majority of the population have no reason to be involved with at all, and it seems we have clearly defined what sort of ‘revolution’ this first war was; this was a revolution of the rich, who needed a working, fighting force to build America into a great wealth generation system for a few extremely fortunate dynasties and rich families, and they couldn’t have won any wars or extracted a single dime from the land we call ‘America’ without *us*.

Hard pass on Fourth of July, thanks. We will celebrate the struggles of the victims of capitalism on a day like today, such as the indigenous, black and brown folks, immigrants, and the millions of civilian primary, secondary, and tertiary dead we’ve caused around the world in our various theaters, and I’ll do it to the rhythm of your bombs blasting, just like they do in those victim nations all around the world.

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Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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