We don’t work for family, community, or nation any longer, so why do we work? For whom do we work?

The ‘work’ we do every day went far beyond working for our families, our communities, and our nation a very long time ago, before many of us were even born, and the value of that work is no longer returning to us in ways that benefit us. In fact, the “surplus” value of our labor is being increasingly turned against us by those who ensure we don’t have control over it.

Now we work first and foremost for the capitalist oligarchy and its globe-dominating military, police, and intelligence systems, and what paltry energy and resources remain after they plunder us are allowed to trickle down, maintaining permanent insecurity, classism, fear, obedience, and political, ideological paralysis.

It is time to return to a formula that works for all, and one which supports and enriches our families, our communities, and our nation from the ground up – and treats us all with respect and dignity – as it must be in any healthy, functioning society. Why else would a species group up and develop into societies? To make life *harder* and less satisfying for the vast majority of participants so that a tiny slice of the population can live better than kings? Is that why we built all of this?

I think not. #GeneralAction now! Continue what we’ve started!

Published by milkman76

Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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