Virtual Breadlines, and other quintessentially American problems-

At least during the past, before the internet and online ordering, when the breadlines formed and basic supplies became limited you could *see* those breadlines forming, photograph them, and document them in this way.

Today, under late-stage capitalism and all it has wrought, the ‘breadlines’ are virtual since most people order online and enjoy, lol, “free shipping” because of a gargantuan monopoly that has occurred there, forcing other companies to also offer “free” or similar shipping.

Couple that with an intentionally mishandled viral pandemic, where people were ORDERED to stay inside (and not vote, or think about the economic looting), and the breadlines that formed for basic supplies stretched on in the thousands, but who saw them?

Nobody but the analytics department at your favorite online mega-brand retailer, and that analytics department would *never* damage the brand by admitting the huge queues, delays, and problems with online shipping that are occurring as we speak.

In America, the breadlines are virtual and nobody can see them, meanwhile we ceaselessly attack more social economies around the world as leading to “breadlines”, which of course happens there after the US and its allies have CAUSED them.

Can’t hide those righteous uprisings in the streets, though, nor can you hide the fact that most of the population supports them. #GeneralAction always, until #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and the abolishment of these militarized, occupying police forces on our streets! NO JUSTICE? NO PEACE!


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Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Breadlines, and other quintessentially American problems-

  1. Most of the population supports them ? The BLM mobs. No most of the population does not support the defacement of federal statues and the destruction of our nations history. nor the burning of buildings nor the defacement of property Nor the taking over of a city block where by day it’s all parades and rainbows and unicorns. And at night it’s horror. Drugs and gangs. Where police can’t even get in to respond to a shooting. A murder. Because of these “peaceful protesters”…. Right. ..No. Most of the population of the United States of America doesn’t support the high jacking of a city street nor the rush to judgement of a police officer on a completely non related event of the one obvious horrible murder of GEORGE Floyd. No the majority of the population does not support the defunding and abolishment of the police. That’s just insane. Who would you call then to report the drug addicted mother of your child and have her taken to jail for forgery for stealing your checks for heroin ? Who would you call to have her removed then? You couldn’t have her thrown in jail then. Could you. No justice no peace huh. I know you.

    1. Hello there, “Anne”.

      I have no idea where you get your information, but the *vast* majority of the US population supports these protests. You seem to want to label these historic, obviously diversely attended protests “BLM mobs” as certain media outlets have guided you to, but what surprises me is that you didn’t mention “AntiFuh mobs” or how they claim it’s “all white people breaking stuff.” Is the “it’s all white people setting things on fire/breaking stuff” media narrative not palatable for you? lol And at any rate, where do you get that information from? How about you share your sources on the “BLM mobs” here, for posterity and for humor.

      Yes – most of the population supports the REMOVAL OF CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS and MONUMENTS TO SLAVERS, yes, and I dare you to challenge that assertion with any sort of facts.

      The defeated, hated enemy of the United States — the illegal pro-slavery confederacy that led to the deaths of nearly 800,000 Americans — had no monuments built to honor it until the 1910-1920s, when white supremacists and “heritage preservation” types (Sons and Daughters, Golden Native Sons and Daughters, etc) built them to stir up racism and division throughout the country. They even built these monuments in states which were *not of the confederacy*, and where not one confederate soldier ever set foot. I wonder why they did that, nearly 70 years after losing the Civil War? I wonder why die-hard right-wing “heritage preservationists” think so highly of those monuments, friend? Do you have any idea?

      Drugs and gangs and unicorns? lmao You sound like a charmingly typical Fox News/GOP TV viewer. If you watch many other sources of ‘news’, I would be surprised. It really is time to move beyond the Fox News/Breitbart/Drudge paradigm, but nobody is going to lead you to that place but yourself. You just get to sound like a trash bigot in the mean time, quoting them like it’s real.

      Yes, Trump needs you to think of those people as drug addicted gang members, like he(and like Obama before him) also needs you to think of the poor immigrants in cages in that way. You have to remove all sense of humanism and common decency in yourself so that you are more likely to look state tyranny in the face, like right now for example, and say “they deserved it.” It is much cheaper for the capitalist oligarchy to treat everyone like this than to treat them with dignity, to take their grievances against the state seriously and indeed provide redress, or to even acknowledge our needs are important at all. You are a tool of this state.

      The cops have brutalized peaceful, hard-working people for 100s of years, and they have done so to maintain an economic order closely related to chattel slavery, always working to reduce labor costs and any political power we gain. We have COPIOUS evidence that this is going on, and we have evidence spanning 100s of years… Have you done any reading into historic labor movements, or the state’s repressive actions against each of them over time? If so, maybe share some of those analyses here so we can discuss them openly.

      Ahh, and there we are. I’ve reached the point in your comment where you reveal you are a hateful personal attacker who has an axe to grind and no courage of their own. It figures some asshole like you would come by my blog. Which one of you spineless pigs is it, this time?

      Since you know my personal past and how I once dated a drug addict, and took drugs myself, lets drag that (and much more, shall we?) out in front of the public. I know right-wing fascists love to injure ideological opponents personally when they can, but lets see if we can return that favor here, friend? lol
      In a better future, and one where SOCIAL PROGRAMS and the PUBLIC SECTOR are once again functioning normally, I wouldnt need to call the “police” to take away a chronic drug abuser who was engaging in criminality in my home, in front of my children, etc. For starters, why would she have been driven to become a drug addict with better educational and employment opportunities, as well as medical and psych? It would have been much less likely for that to happen in the first place, and then if she still became an addict and become dysfunctional in the home, SOCIAL SERVICES would be available to her? Do you understand the model in many, many other advanced countries, and how they deal with addiction, criminality, etc?

      Why do you think we have the world’s largest per-capita prison population? Is that the price we pay to live in such harmony and prosperity? Do you think jail and prison is where drug addicts and people who make mistakes should be? Should they be beaten and abused on the way in, for committing misdemeanors or no crimes at all?

      Nice attempt at personal bullshit, you spineless shitbag. Which of you is it? You know, and I know, the list of people who would come by and share something like that is very short, so you are one of like 3 cowardly people.

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