Traitor! Tyrant! Abuser, thief, and human-rights violator! #GeneralAction is now! The world sees!


Donald Trump and the fascist goons he commands, who were ready for this for decades, are traitors to this country, even to its questionable founding, and must be opposed at all costs from now until they fall. Everyone should be able to see that now.

There is now history-making brutality in nearly every city, the fascists are attempting to rewrite laws and seize more power, and now they attempt to bring the military into deployments on American soil because the population has risen up and is showing the fascists that NONE OF THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Do you still think this was all about a virus?

Or do you see, now, how TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our money and resources have been STOLEN from us under the cover of the virus, transferred to the empires of a few thousand ultra-rich people, the military, and various ENFORCEMENT and “HOMELAND” organizations in EXCHANGE for your lack of financial stability, mobility, lack of healthcare, lack of education, and now your lack of basic life-saving pandemic response during an outbreak?

You were allowed to die during a pandemic. Say it with me. You were ALLOWED to die, and now you are being brutally repressed by the people who participate in the looting of your future, who thought ahead YEARS AGO and had the insight to…. militarize the police rather than create a bulletproof social safety net.

Get to the streets, friends, and don’t stop going to them. Shut down this economy in any and every way you can. Do NOT shop for anything but the essentials, do NOT go to work if you are able, seek mutual aid from networks of supporters if you cannot weather the economic storm, and FIND ALLIES AND HELPERS OUTSIDE OF YOUR NORMAL SOCIAL CIRCLES. We are out here, we are ready, and we won’t stand down until every fascist is in prison, exiled, or whatever strong response is required… to put this to an end for all time.

We already did a civil war against the ancestors of these people because they desired to enslave Africans who they kidnapped… and brought here to do their work for them. We are in a similar fight now, they still want the workers to do their work for them, and you can see the writing on the wall.


Published by milkman76

Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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