All ‘peace’ enjoyed by US citizens is not real, and has never been.

Every time tax-paying, voting, working-class Americans have enjoyed a period of “relative peace”, it has never been true, and was always selective.

When you ignore the plight of millions of people who are victims of our wars outside the country, and when you utilize the ready-made, imperialist, America First propaganda that tells you “they deserved it”, that’s how you feel “peace” as an entitled American.

When you ignore the systemic plight of Black and Brown people or blame it on them, when you ignore the largest per capita prison population on the planet, when you ignore the massive, obvious police brutality problem aimed disproportionately at Black and Brown people, and when you ignore how immigrant labor is abused, devalued, and controlled, that’s another way you feel “peace” as an entitled American.

And when you walk by the ballooning populations of indigents and people living without homes, when you also blame their plight on them and on their “decisions”, and when you support a political regime that treats these people worse than most other advanced nations on earth to save a couple bucks for the oligarchy, that is when you feel “peace” as an entitled, classist American.

The only time you can feel the sensation of “peace” as an American is when you turn off a large part of your critical thinking skills and put your head down, ignoring what is all around you, for the short-term escapism that you confuse with peace.

The US does not represent peace. We represent forever-war, classism, and abject exploitation of any weaker person, group, or nation. It is time for this all to change, and that time is NOW.

#GeneralAction now!

Published by milkman76

Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

2 thoughts on “All ‘peace’ enjoyed by US citizens is not real, and has never been.

  1. Never ever want peace, a time to be left alone, to get on with things and reflect.
    War! War! War!
    Rise up!
    And yet no one seems to be rising up, do they? I’m the single commentator on a site meant to bring the masses to rebel.
    The people paying your wage are going to start wondering when they are going to see a result.

    1. I can’t understand much of what you wrote and I will not be approving your other rambling comments about ‘yanks not knowing we are born’, etc, but I thought I would at least reply to this one.

      If I am not mistaken, you think someone is paying me a wage? To have a personal blog where I write opinions about stuff? lol I’m sure I won’t regret engaging with you at all, no.

      And you believe that “rise up” is meant to focus on my blog, and since my blog isn’t very popular, that means the uprising is also not very popular? I’m guessing you don’t go outside much. Do you think the uprising is limited to comments on my blog?

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