I was too busy being stoned, playing video games and watching movies with my family to make a 4th of July post

But I couldn’t let such a great opportunity to be honest about the authentic American experience to pass without *any* commentary, so I’ll post a little update to last year’s July 4th rant. I’m sure the new group of NextDoor stalkers who have attached themselves to my account were waiting on pins and needles! 😂

This year, like last year and every year in my memory before it, people burned their houses down, hundreds were shot, killed, maimed in accidents, gigantic illegal explosions were set off until wee hours of the night, drunken male abusers abused their female victims, bigots abused their ideological victims, and lives and families were ruined in the name of a patriotic holiday that was borne of a false revolution powered by the limbs and lives of the poor, just like all our wars since.

In short? Another deadly, crap patriotic holiday come and gone, and we are still cleaning the wreckage today.

This of course all makes sense in America because Americans haven’t, in adequate numbers, cared enough about the ongoing massive gun violence epidemic that happens every day in every state in the country, nor do they care enough about our murderous, environmentally devastating foreign policy and all it has wrought, and some are just *barely* beginning to understand climate change, so why, really, would *these* Americans have any reason to create better, less dangerous traditions, maybe involving less fire and explosives danger? They are Large and in Charge, and they give no fucks about who gets upset, so why change anything? These people are so Ultra-Patriotic they even shot themselves with bullets fired into the air, they were so filled with the spirit of Uncle Sam!

In addition to another 5 days and nights of random explosions (even though its illegal to do this on any night but the 4th in our tinderbox environment), the neighborhoods that had residents who could afford to be nuisances during this period made up the bulk of the noise and the trash left in the streets the following days. There were exploded and unexploded fireworks everywhere, on everyone’s property, on the rooves of so many houses, whether or not those families participated. Public parks, our streets, etc, all filled with trash left by patriots, who think its patriotic to make low wage workers clean up the litter they were too lazy to clean up themselves.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is a perfect George Bush republican for the GOP, has shot down ANY progressive changes to anything that matters for any struggling worker, has continued many Trump policies including ICE, labor, healthcare, tax, military, etc, and has given police MORE money, and the DoD MORE money — but modern GOP voters are all basically insane, meth-addicted baby Hitlers who see Biden as a communist, and the only way they will get what they truly want is if an actual fascist dictator steals an election by claiming all other votes were fraudulent.

We’ve arrived, America.

At the end of the day, my family and I took the opportunity to educate our growing children about what, exactly, the scary noise outside means, why a small percentage of the neighbors have giant American flags on their properties and giant vehicles, and what the specific timing of all it means, along with some fun movies, snacks, and games.

The day America begins to become worthy of our patriotism, we will let everyone know, but as far as it stands now, we shouldn’t celebrate any patriotic, governmental holiday of any kind until this country comes to terms with what it is, and tries to *do better*. No reason to offer unconditional patriotism to something this dysfunctional and bad for the global environments, and the demands by *these* “patriots” to do so is the creeping effects of totalitarian fascism inside our nation. They do not care, or they appreciate the current military-oligarchy in which we live, and they will drag every one of us down with them if they aren’t stopped. Fight!

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Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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