The uplifting story of an Evangelical Christian turned sane.

Ill preface this with a little background on how I met this man, and why I think his story is powerful, and¬†exemplary.¬†I do not profess to know this man well, and in fact I’ve just met him, but I am greatly excited to have run into someone with such a hopeful story! During perfunctory introductionsContinue reading “The uplifting story of an Evangelical Christian turned sane.”

Should Evolution ALONE be taught in schools?

An interesting and provocative question, to which I am more than happy to offer an opinion. This post is in reply to a question posted in the ‘FB for Science’ group on Facebook, and also the title of this post. Should Evolution be the only [what] taught in schools? Faith? Or the only science? BecauseContinue reading “Should Evolution ALONE be taught in schools?”

Why women should plow fields in the nude

This is not a new story, but still something I felt needed to be shared. This Reuters article briefly describes a most regrettable religious tradition carried out by farmers in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. Allow me to provide helpful commentary and suggestions! As regions of California experience heavy drought over the years,Continue reading “Why women should plow fields in the nude”