Should Evolution ALONE be taught in schools?

An interesting and provocative question, to which I am more than happy to offer an opinion.

This post is in reply to a question posted in the ‘FB for Science’ group on Facebook, and also the title of this post.

Should Evolution be the only [what] taught in schools? Faith? Or the only science?
Because if we are talking anything besides science being taught in science class, I take issue and assert that no other legitimate, differential, scientific theory exists with which to explain the origin and development of species on earth. There exists observable, measurable, and empirical evidence to support Evolution, so I would think no other theories would suit the educational tenants of our government funded public schools. If we are talking about private or religious education, who cares?

If we are talking about philosophy, or indeed theistic views on the origin of our species, it seems logical that this should be taught within subjects like anthropology, history, philosophy or even psychology. I throw psychology into this mix as a result of my belief that religion is a form of mental illness, so the canon of modern psychology might cover the topic in some way, one can only hope.

I do not know of any other philosophies, theories, or scientific disciplines which are even 1/100th as credible as Darwin’s theory, so if any acceptable alternatives actually exist, Im all ears. If you want to teach anything besides Evolution to explain our origins, teach in church, your cult, or in the privacy of your home. Keep it out of our public schools.

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