The uplifting story of an Evangelical Christian turned sane.

Ill preface this with a little background on how I met this man, and why I think his story is powerful, and exemplary. I do not profess to know this man well, and in fact I’ve just met him, but I am greatly excited to have run into someone with such a hopeful story! During perfunctory introductionsContinue reading “The uplifting story of an Evangelical Christian turned sane.”

A rebuttal, whether you asked for one or not.

I write in response to the “Open Letter to the Atheist Community”, written by Rabbi Adam Jacobs, for the Huffington Post. The original article can be found here. This man is quite intelligent, well spoken, and is fairly rational and reasonable for a man who also believes in God. It is unfortunate that his talentContinue reading “A rebuttal, whether you asked for one or not.”

Should Evolution ALONE be taught in schools?

An interesting and provocative question, to which I am more than happy to offer an opinion. This post is in reply to a question posted in the ‘FB for Science’ group on Facebook, and also the title of this post. Should Evolution be the only [what] taught in schools? Faith? Or the only science? BecauseContinue reading “Should Evolution ALONE be taught in schools?”

Secret of life lies herein

Yep I have discovered the secret of it all. One must stop focusing on the metrics of things. You have to stop measuring distances. Once you focus only on whats enjoyable, here and now, and forget to compare whats happening now to what happened in another, more perfect moment of your life, the more *truly*Continue reading “Secret of life lies herein”

Why women should plow fields in the nude

This is not a new story, but still something I felt needed to be shared. This Reuters article briefly describes a most regrettable religious tradition carried out by farmers in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. Allow me to provide helpful commentary and suggestions! As regions of California experience heavy drought over the years,Continue reading “Why women should plow fields in the nude”

Our brains on stuff

Im thinking there is some common denominator in the heads of people who are religious, conspiracy theorists, alien abductees, birthers, etc, you get the picture. There is something there… something that they become addicted to or fixated upon that keeps the blinders on with vigor. What is it? Im guessing its chemicals secreted by ourContinue reading “Our brains on stuff”

Atheist rantings pt.1 – my feelings on the holidays and how I came to be an atheist

I would like to write on something that Ive been mulling this holiday season, and for many seasons before it. The main topic is, naturally, my trouble with the holiday season. Secondarily, I describe how I became an atheist. This is less confrontational than much of what I write on atheism, but we have plentyContinue reading “Atheist rantings pt.1 – my feelings on the holidays and how I came to be an atheist”

Text based communications vs. voice or face to face – What do you think?

A little background on why I chose this subject: This is something I wrote a while back in a private Livejournal of mine, but never published anywhere else and never really finished. Story of my life. The reason this topic is significant to me is that I have spent a great deal of the pastContinue reading “Text based communications vs. voice or face to face – What do you think?”

A post to define what this blog might be about, and a little about me

Today is a good day, for it is the day Ive decided to buckle down and begin writing. I have toyed with this idea for a long time but suffer chronic procrastination, apathy, and an inability to stay interested in one topic for more than 10 seconds at a time. Through my blog, I hopeContinue reading “A post to define what this blog might be about, and a little about me”