Cuban embassy in Washington attacked? Internet awash with propaganda? Just another day…

The US media, for a little while anyway, missed that a crazed Texas man from Mexico with ties to extremist Christian sects traveled to Washington, D.C. and shot up an embassy with an AK-47 or replica AK — the communist’s favorite rifle — in an attempt to murder Cuban diplomats inside. The man also claims, without evidence, to be from Cuba.

The man, who hears voices, was found in possession of cocaine, is considered non-compliant by his psych doctors, is connected to an anti-communist religious sect that preaches in Cuba, and claims that since he went to Cuba to preach to them that a “Cuban organized crime group” is stalking him…. was taken in without incident after firing over 30 rounds while shouting “I’m a Yankee!” at 2am.

When you go searching for information about that attack, the first page of any search you run which is remotely to do with Cuba returns to you a page flooded with blogs, articles, and literal propaganda statements about ‘Havana Syndrome‘, a fake mystery illness that befell American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba just after the fascist oligarch Donald Trump and his extremist backers took… the Whitehouse.

Oddly Google and Bing find a several-year old propaganda narrative about sound tech being used against US diplomats by secret Cuban agents in Cuba to be just as relevant as the current real news stories about a Texas man shooting up an embassy “so he could get them before they got him.”  If you are into search technology, understand SEO, etc, you know how this came to be.

Just after the imperialist, fascist, late-capitalist Trump state’s propaganda narrative against communist Cuba in 2016, which Obama had just re-engaged with diplomatic relations before leaving office in 2015, Rex Tillerson kicked out 15 Cuban diplomats, claiming “Cuba can’t keep US diplomats safe, so theirs have to leave the US”, beginning a re-chilling of relations between US and Cuba — as intended of course.

And here we are, years into a literal fascist regime in the US whose president attempts to create unrest and violence via social media, with yet another “lone wolf” or “mentally ill person” attacking the ideological targets presented for them to fixate upon by the US oligarchy and its galaxy of propaganda narratives, systems, pet media orgs, and brand managers galore.

Oh, those mentally ill lone-wolf shooters, always carrying out precisely the aims of the worst elements of our fascist, capitalist state, attacking the socialists, the humanist luminaries, the leftist storytellers, the most vulnerable — the victims — and the like. They have to die before we all become commie, don’t they.

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Father and husband, idealist, activist, argumentalist, masterdebtor, and all around swell guy. Also- likes to aim spotlights at piles of ideological bullshit, and taking a magnifying glass to the material conditions that caused our current capitalist hellscape.

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